Homebuilders for West Haven Park

Areo Homes

Areo Homes make the ordinary into something extraordinary by building high quality homes while providing unsurpassed service in order to exceed our customers expectations and make their dreams a reality. As a home builder, our top priority is satisfying our customers. We build more than homes. We build communities. At Areo Homes with our experienced staff you are going to find reliability, honesty and best customer service during every step of your home buying process. We emphasize quality over quantity and have an outstanding reputation with our customer. We built our homes with finest construction techniques and best quality products. We love what we do and our reward is how happy and satisfied our customers are with their purchase.Encore Master Builders has been delivering “The Encore Experience” for over 30 years. Beyond building quality affordable homes, Encore builds enjoyable experiences. From choosing your finishings, to site visits during construction, to service inspections after you’ve moved in, Encore keeps you involved in your building process from start to finish unlike any other house builder Leduc has to offer.

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Homexx Corporation

For 32 years, Homexx has been building “Homes of Excellence”. This philosophy of excellence focuses on your ability to customize a home with your choice of top-notch interior finishings. With Homexx’s quality craftsmanship, you can expect your home to be unique, beautiful and well built – with your own special touch shining through. Our dedication to our craft is second to none amongst house builders in Leduc.

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Rayhana Homes

Rayhana Homes was founded in 2010 by Jamal Musalam. With Jamal’s natural talent for sophistication and intricate design with visualizing the big picture, it allows the company to provide homeowners with high end, original and custom styled homes. Learn more about Rayhana Homes on our website. 

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