Life in Leduc

Immerse yourself in the outdoors.

There’s something freeing about being immersed in nature and the wild beauty of the prairies. Leduc is a town built for adventurous people who prefer the outdoors and enjoy taking the road less traveled. Families thrive here —  especially for those who feel childhoods are better spent playing by the pond, running through the nearby fields, or biking around the town in 30 minutes. And you can't argue with the fact that there’s nothing quite like the fresh air of the countryside, enjoying life free from the noise and clutter of city living. A community based on a strong history of agriculture, oil & gas, recreation, and arts and culture, Leduc is a vibrant and active community. Welcome to life in Leduc.

Open sky, fresh air, and room to grow. Leduc offers a lifestyle that is practical and unique. Wide open sky on the prairies.
Horse enjoys the outdoor weather on the prairies of Leduc County, in Central Alberta. Find a home in Leduc, Alberta. Affordable homes and houses for sale.

Find community within the community.

There are a range of other benefits come from small town living:

  • Small class sizes make it easy for your child to excel
  • Lower crime rates create a safe environment for families
  • Lower cost of living, allows you to save for things you care about
  • It’s easy to stay connected to the rest of the community.
  • Find community within the community, at your local school, church, athletics teams, or in the local shops. Live where everyone knows your name.
  • A balanced mix of local shops and big stores give the charisma of local ‘mom and pops’ while also providing the convenience and selection of larger retail shops.

About Leduc

Facts About Leduc

Here are some interesting facts to know about the City of Leduc.

  • Population of around 30,000 (2017), with a 2% growth rate.
  • On June 13, 2018, Leduc was listed as the 6th friendliest community in Canada!  Source:
  • The average age of residents is 37, with 28% of its residents being between the ages of 29-40 years old, meaning that it’s a young city that appeals to young families. (2017)
  • It’s a city designed to support a strong work/life balance as well. A large number of people find job opportunities right within Leduc, while not needing to travel far for employment.
      • 58% of its residents are employed locally (in businesses such as the City of Leduc, EIA, Nisku, or Leduc Business park).
      • 41% of them are employed in Alberta. (2017)

Leduc Amenities

Leduc has many amenities, all within driving distance of West Haven Park!

  • With over 60km of paved Multiway Trails as well as William F. Lede Park by Telford Lake, it’s the perfect excuse to get outside and explore.
  • Leduc County supports 11 arenas, four pools (two indoor and two outdoor), four curling rinks, several athletic fields and 18 community halls in the region. The Leduc Recreation Centre is also a facility that Leduc holds a lot of pride in. Learn more about the facilities on our Amenities page.
  • RedTail Landing Golf Club and Leduc Golf Club are both nearby
  • 30 min drive away from Rabbit Hill Snow Resort
  • Development in Leduc over the last 10 years has been very substantial, and it’s quickly become a thriving, independent, and self-sustaining centre in Central Alberta. For those that are considering life in Leduc, there is a lot that Leduc has to offer.

For more information about Leduc, visit the City of Leduc website: